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This is a definition of Subquestion that states "A question Q is a subquestion of another question Q’, iff any direct answer to Q is also a partial answer to Q’."

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This definition of Subquestion was formulated by Paul Patton and Cyrus Al-Zayadi in 2021.1

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Sciento-2021-0006 Scientonomy 1 August 2021 Accept new definitions of subquestion, core question, core theory, discipline, delineating theory, subdiscipline, and discipline acceptance. Open

Question Answered

Subquestion (Patton-Al-Zayadi-2021) is an attempt to answer the following question: What is subquestion? How should it be defined?

See Subquestion for more details.


A question is a topic of inquiry. 2 Questions can constitute hierarchies where more specific questions are subquestions of broader questions. For example, 'Was Peter the Great an emperor of Russia?' is a subquestion of 'Who were the emperors of Russia?' since by answering the former, we are also providing a partial answer to the latter. The latter is, in turn, a subquestion of the broader question 'Who were the rulers of European countries?'. 1 A partial answer to a question is a complete, or direct, answer to one of its subquestions.345


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