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How should the scientonomic workflow handle the ripple effect of additional minor changes to the body of scientonomic knowledge caused by the acceptance of a certain modification?

As modifications to the body of scientonomic knowledge are introduced, they often affect not only those elements that are explicitly mentioned in the suggested modification but also other elements. For instance, there appear to be cases where a change in the definition of a certain term may have a ripple effect on other accepted theories which use that concept. Whenever a new theory is accepted it is typically the case that at least small modifications need to be made to some old theories, and to the discussions of them in the encyclopedia, for the sake of consistency and clarity. In an ideal world, the modification that suggests the acceptance of this new theory should identify all instances where old theories and old encyclopedia entries need to be modified for the sake of maintaining consistency. However, since scientonomists are not omniscient, it is sometimes difficult to identify all of the necessary changes to old theories at the moment of the publication of the modification. Thus, some of these required changes surface only after the publication or even after the acceptance of the respective modification (e.g. modification Sciento-2018-0005 and modification Sciento-2018-0008). The question is how such situations are to be handled in the workflow. Specifically, should the editors be granted a permission to make small changes to old theories for the sake of maintaining consistency, without the need for explicit review and acceptance? Or should any such changes go through the regular scientonomic route, i.e. should these minor changes also be presented as new suggested modifications?

In the scientonomic context, this question was first formulated by Paul Patton in 2019. The question is currently accepted as a legitimate topic for discussion by Scientonomy community. At the moment, the question has no accepted answer in Scientonomy.


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