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Mark Bedau is is an American philosopher who teaches at Reed College and works in the field of artificial life.. is an American philosopher who works in the field of artificial life. He is the son of the philosopher Hugo Bedau (1926–2012).

Bedau teaches philosophy at Reed College. He is also the Co-Founder of the European Center for Living Technology (ECLT)[1] and Visiting Professor, Ph.D. Program in Life Sciences: Foundations and Ethics, European School of Molecular Medicine.[2] Bedau is also the editor of the Artificial Life Journal.[3]

He has been the COO of Protolife, a biotechnology start-up based in Venice, Italy.[4]


Here are the works of Bedau included in the bibliographic records of this encyclopedia:

  • Bedau (2003): Bedau, Mark. (2003) Downward causation and autonomy of weak emergence. Principia 6, 5-50.

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