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Here all the open questions accepted by the community:

TopicTopic TypeQuestionFormulated Year
Accepted Methodology and Theory PursuitDescriptiveIs there any connection between an accepted methodology and the pursuit of a theory?2016
AnomaliesNormativeUnder which circumstances, changes in beliefs in methods would qualify as an anomaly for Scientonomy?2018
Applicability of Scientonomy to Theories as ModelsDescriptiveIs the theory of scientific change applicable to theories construed as sets of models, or in ways that reject their purely formal characterization?2017
Applicability of the Laws of Scientific ChangeDescriptiveTo which mosaics do the laws of scientific change apply? Do they apply only to scientific communities, to all epistemic communities, or all communities whatsoever (including non-epistemic communities)? Do these patterns emerge and exist in communities who gather together to study the world?2017
Applicability of the Laws of Scientific Change to IndividualsDescriptiveDo the scientonomic laws apply to individual epistemic agents?2019
Application of Scientonomy to Other FieldsDescriptiveWhat is the broader relevance of scientonomy? How can scientonomy inform other fields of inquiry?2018
Application of Scientonomy to Philosophy of ScienceDescriptiveHow can the findings of scientonomy be applied to answer the traditional questions of the philosophy of science?2018
Assessment of Scientonomy - MethodNormativeWhat method ought to be employed to assess a scientonomic theory?2015
Boundaries of CommunitiesDescriptiveHow does one identify the boundaries of a community? What must be maintained among like-minded individuals in order to retain their community status? What degree of difference within a community is tolerable?2018
Conclusive Theory AssessmentDescriptiveAre there any actual historical instances of conclusive theory assessment or does every case of theory assessment involve some degree of inconclusiveness?2016
Core QuestionDefinitionalWhat is core question? How should it be defined?2021
Deducibility in Method EmploymentDescriptiveWhat does deducibility in the Third Law mean? Does it refer to the deducibility of Classic Logic, or to a logic accepted by the community at the time?2018
Delegation of Authority to ArtifactsDescriptiveCan there be delegation of authority to tools, instruments, other material objects, or to computer software?2016
Delegation of Authority to IndividualsDescriptiveCan there be delegation of authority to individuals?2018
Delegation of Authority to Past CommunitiesDescriptiveIs it possible for a community to delegate authority to a community that no longer exists? Can a community delegate authority to a past expert?2017
Delineating TheoryDefinitionalWhat is delineating theory? How should it be defined?2021
Deriving Methods from an Empty SetDescriptiveDoes the possibility of a method being derived from an empty set pose a problem for the current formulation of the third law? Can we conceive of a situation in which a method is derived from an empty subset?2017
DisciplineDefinitionalWhat is discipline? How should it be defined?2021
Discipline AcceptanceDefinitionalWhat is discipline acceptance? How should it be defined?2021
Epistemic CommunityDefinitionalWhat is epistemic community? How should it be defined? I.e. how is it different from non-epistemic community?2016
Existence of Method HierarchiesDescriptiveDo method hierarchies exist?2019
Existence of Sub-CommunitiesDescriptiveIs there such a thing as a sub-community? Can communities consist of other communities?2017
Hierarchy of MethodsDescriptiveIs there a hierarchy of methods which determines theory acceptance?2018
Hierarchy of TheoriesDescriptiveIs there a hierarchy of theories that determines hierarchical authority delegation, hierarchical anomaly-tolerance, compatibility criteria or theory acceptance criteria?2018
Historical ContextDefinitionalWhat is historical context? How should it be defined? Does it include only the content of the scientific mosaic, or does it also involve non-epistemic sociocultural phenomena?2016
Implementation vs. Employment of MethodsDescriptiveIs there a difference between implementation and employment of a method? Is the mechanism of implementation the same as the mechanism of employment?2017
Indicators of InconclusivenessDescriptiveWhat indicators enable us to identify a historical case of inconclusive theory assessment?2016
Indicators of Question AcceptanceDescriptiveWhat are the historical indicators of theory acceptance? How can observational scientonomists establish that such-and-such a question was accepted as a legitimate topic of inquiry by a certain epistemic agent at a certain time?2018
Indicators of ViolationDescriptiveWhat are the methodological indicators of violations of scientific change?2018
Individual and Communal LevelsDescriptiveWhat is the relation between the communal and the individual level? To what extent can the individual level epistemic stances tell about the communal level?2018
Inferring Theory Assessment OutcomesDescriptiveWhat can an observational scientonomist infer about a theory's assessment outcome from the theory's acceptance/unacceptance?2017
LawDefinitionalHow should we define the term law in the scientonomic context? How is law different from theory? Do we even need law as a separate concept?2016
Logical PresuppositionDefinitionalWhat is logical presupposition? How should it be defined?2021
Mechanism of Question AcceptanceDescriptiveHow do questions become accepted as legitimate topics of inquiry? What is the mechanism of question acceptance?2018
Mechanism of Theory PursuitDescriptiveWhat is the mechanism of theory pursuit, if any? How do theories become pursued by communities? Is pursuit purely determined by sociocultural factors or is there an epistemic element to it as well?2015
Method HierarchyDefinitionalWhat is method hierarchy? How should it be defined?2019
Methodology and MethodsDescriptiveCan a method become employed by being the deductive consequence of an already accepted methodology? How would this affect the Methodology Can Shape Methods theorem?2016
Methods Shaping Theory ConstructionDescriptiveDo our employed methods and accepted demarcation criteria influence theory construction?2016
Methods and Technical Research ToolsDescriptiveWhat is the relationship between methods and technical research tools?2016
Necessary LogicDescriptiveWhat is the minimum logic required for scientific change to occur?2018
Necessary QuestionsDescriptiveAre there questions that are necessarily part of any mosaic? Should there be a minimum number of accepted questions in an epistemic community in order for that community to experience scientific change?2018
Necessary TheoriesDescriptiveAre there theories that are necessarily part of any mosaic?2016
Non-Epistemic CommunityDefinitionalWhat is non-epistemic community? How should it be defined? I.e. how can it be differentiated from epistemic community?2016
Normative Effects of ScientonomyDescriptiveWhat are the normative effects of scientonomy on the process of scientific change?2018
Philosophy of Science - DemarcationDescriptiveCan scientonomy as a descriptive empirical science of science be applied to solve the problem of demarcation?2018
Philosophy of Science - RelativismDescriptiveCan scientonomy as a descriptive empirical science of science be applied to solve the problem of scientific progress?2018
Philosophy of Science - Scientific ProgressDescriptiveCan scientonomy as a descriptive empirical science of science be applied to solve the problem of scientific progress/relativism?2018
Possibility of Scientonomy - PreconditionsDescriptiveUnder which conditions do the patterns of scientific change emerge and hold?2018
Pursuit and AcceptanceDescriptiveWhat is the relationship between the process of theory acceptance and that of theory pursuit?2018
Role of Ethics in Scientific ChangeDescriptiveWhat role do ethical concerns play in scientific change? Are ethical norms capable of affecting employed methods?2016
Role of Non-Social and Environmental Factors in Scientific ChangeDescriptiveIn addition to interactions between people in a community, what role do interactions between people and their natural, non-social environment have on the process of scientific change?2017
Role of Practical Considerations in Scientific ChangeDescriptiveWhat is the role of practical considerations such as financial constraints or limitations of manpower in the process of scientific change?2016
Role of Sociocultural Factors in Method EmploymentDescriptiveWhat is the role of sociocultural factors, such as economics or politics, in the process of method employment?2015
Role of Sociocultural Factors in Mosaic SplitDescriptiveWhat role do sociocultural factors play in a mosaic split?2018
Role of Used Theories in Method EmploymentDescriptiveDoes the third law allow for methods to be deductive consequences of used theories?2017
Scientific CommunityDefinitionalWhat is scientific community? Can it be defined as more than simply “the bearer of a mosaic”?2015
Scope of Scientonomy - Mosaic FormationNormativeShould Scientonomy tackle the question of the initial formation of a scientific mosaic?2018
Scope of Scientonomy - Tracing Implicit and ExplicitNormativeShould observational scientonomy trace when a certain stance towards an epistemic element was taken explicitly or implicitly?2018
Sociocultural FactorsDefinitionalWhat are sociocultural factors? How should they be defined?2016
Status of Disciplinary BoundariesDescriptiveHow do disciplinary boundaries exist within the scientific mosaic?2016
Status of Impossible Abstract RequirementsDescriptiveWhat happens in situations where an abstract requirement can't be met? What do we do when we would like to keep certain theories but those theories are left in limbo?2018
Status of Method and MethodologyDescriptiveCan Method and Methodology be defined such that it doesn't rely on the implicit-explicit distinction?2018
Status of ModelsDescriptiveWhat is the status of models in the mosaic?2016
Status of ReasonsDescriptiveDo epistemic communities accept reasons during theory acceptance? If they do, what is the nature of the relationship between reasons and scientific change? Is it possible for a theory to remain accepted while the original reason for its acceptance is replaced by another?2018
Status of Tacit TheoriesDescriptiveWhat is the status of tacit theories in the scientific mosaic? Is it possible for a community to actually accept a theory without openly formulating it?2016
Tautological Status of the First LawDescriptiveIs the first law a tautology, i.e. can it in principle be violated?2016
Tautological Status of the Zeroth LawDescriptiveIs the Zeroth law a tautology?2017
Technological TheoryDefinitionalWhat is technological theory? How should it be defined?2016
The Necessity of Intercommunication for CommunityDescriptiveIf two independent communities undergo similar changes which result in identical mosaics, are these communities still considered as distinct, or are they a single community?2016
The Necessity of Language in CommunityDescriptiveIs a shared language, or propositional code, presupposed by the existence of an epistemic community?2017
The Status of Holism and Ripple EffectDescriptiveIs it the case that changes in one of the elements of a mosaic can have a "ripple effect" on the rest of the mosaic?2018
Theory DisplacementDescriptiveIs it conceivable that, following the rejection of a method, that any theories which satisfied its requirements also would become rejected, seeing as how the reasons for belief in them no longer hold (in the eyes of the community)?2018
Theory vs. Method CompatibilityDescriptiveWhat is the relationship between the Compatibility Criteria for theories and for methods within the same Mosaic?2018
Workflow - Closure MechanismNormativeHow should verdicts on suggested modifications be achieved? If modifications are accepted as a result of a communal consensus, then what constitutes such a consensus?2019
Workflow - Goals of Peer ReviewNormativeShould peer reviewers evaluate a submitted paper for the pursuitworthiness or acceptability of the content of the paper?2019
Workflow - Handling Ripple EffectsNormativeHow should the scientonomic workflow handle the ripple effect of additional minor changes to the body of scientonomic knowledge caused by the acceptance of a certain modification?2019
Workflow - Publishing Modification CommentsNormativeShould the discussions concerning a suggested modification be published? If so, when and how should they be published?2019
Workflow - Reformulating Suggesting ModificationsNormativeAre the commentators of suggested modifications allowed to suggest reformulations of the original formulations?2019